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#1 youth basketball training and development programs

Across Remix Sports Academy valued programs and services, our athletes access world class facilities and experience, on court and dry land specialized training to give them a cutting edge advantage preparing them for life.


Remix Sports Academy's exciting youth basketball leagues, running from July to August in Canada! Our programs are designed to instruct young players in all levels reach their full potential playing a certain way in a fun and supportive environment.


Remix Sports Academy is offering the best summer basketball leagues for kids through April to June. Our programs are designed to continuously refine players skills and confidence while instructing the athletes to realize their full potential.


Our programs are designed to help young players of all skill levels develop their talents and reach their full potential in a fun and supportive environment.


Get your child ready for the basketball season with Remix Sports Academy's, running October through December! We offer Canada's best youth basketball programs, designed to develop your child's skills and confidence while fostering a love for the game.

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Meet our President and CEO tony simms

Our Rep Basketball Program runs from October through April, engaging teams in Ontario’s most competitive leagues. This elite offering sharpens skills, fosters teamwork, and tests our athletes against top provincial talent. Designed for serious players, it promises intense development and the chance to excel in a high-stakes environment, all under expert coaching.

Our R6 Bootcamp, running 3 days a week every May and June, is designed to elevate young athletes’ skills and conditioning. Focused on serious improvement, it offers challenging drills and strategic play under expert guidance, preparing players for competitive success.

Our Small Group Training program provides a focused environment for athletes seeking detailed, personalized coaching. Limited group sizes ensure tailored feedback and instruction, emphasizing skill refinement, tactical knowledge, and physical conditioning. It’s an ideal setting for players aiming to significantly enhance their basketball abilities through comprehensive and customized training.

Our coaching is spearheaded by the legendary Tony Simms, a former Olympian and inductee into the Canada Basketball Hall of Fame. Under his expert guidance, athletes receive unparalleled mentorship, tapping into decades of elite-level experience and insights. Coach Simms’ coaching philosophy is rooted in dedication, skill mastery, and mental toughness, principles that have earned him a revered status in the basketball community. Training with Tony Simms offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from one of basketball’s finest, ensuring our athletes are equipped to excel at the highest levels.

Remix Sports Academy programs and more

rep basketball

Elevate your basketball experience to new heights with our premier rep basketball program, where skill refinement and team camaraderie flourish in the heart of Canada's thriving basketball community.

r6 bootcamp

Level up your skills in our intensive two-month rep basketball bootcamp, designed to elevate your game and ignite your passion for the sport.

private training

Invest in your future success with private training sessions, where individualized coaching and personalized feedback create a pathway to excellence.

small group training

Maximize your potential at our player combine, hosted by NCAA Coaches, where aspiring athletes gather to showcase their skills and catch the attention of top-tier collegiate recruiters.

student jobs

Kickstart your career journey in the sports industry with student job placements that offer hands-on experience, industry insights, and meaningful contributions to your growth and success.


Accelerate your sports performance at our facilities spread across Toronto and the GTA, boasting modern infrastructure and comprehensive resources to support athletes in reaching their goals.

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Ready to level up your game? Remix Sports Academy offers innovative sports programs for all ages and skill levels. Register online today and experience our expert coaching, fun learning environment, and commitment to your athletic development.

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